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Y'know what bothers me the most about this alledged it's true/it isn't Justin and Britney break up? Is the lack of privacy they're getting if it is true.
Couples break up every day but none are put under a microscope like these two poor kids will be.
Can't the press just give it a friggin' rest for a nano-second. Jeez Louise.
Don't they think they're going through enough crap without a camera recording every second of it?
I understand that with the celebrity comes the invasion of privacy but, I feel like a voyeur everytime some one holds up a star's dirty laundry for the rest of us to see.
Hey Entertainment Tonight and US magazine. Give the kids a fucking break will you. You sell enough advertising space and magazines just fine to let this one go. C'mon people.
And tha's all I got's t'say on dat one. Tank you.

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