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Nothing scares me when I'm drunk

It being that time of year again when my favourite holiday is 'creeping' up on us.

I pay another visit to the 'Waverly Library' and 'Childrens' Room' Cams. [This is my 4th year I think.]

I'm looking for some good old fashioned Ghost/Haunting/Hallow'een specials on television and getting very disappointed the more I I'm surfing the net instead.

"Waverly Library"
If you watch, you might just see 'something'....

And this site's pretty fucking cool too! (although it's not being intentionally creepy, it's spooky)

"Abandonned Places"
go through the photo galleries. They're cool
I really want to start scouting out more places of my own to shoot.
(I have some shots from an abandonned 'cult' compound up in the interior that are creepy as all hell)
This guy's pretty neat, and he's one hell of a photographer!!!

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