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>>Home from the dentist with shiny teeth and a wallet three hundred dollars lower.
>>All the Chris Kirkpatrick love on LJ today is making it a happy place!!!
>>One of my favourite holidays is coming up and so I've rotated in a couple of 'holiday icons'
>>And a friend sent me images of .... are you ready for it .... pet costumes.
I love the ghost dogs and the fish cat the best I think. Laughed my ass off.

I'm not sure if this is a costume or just a really good photomanip.

A bigger dog would eat its owner if it was made to wear this.

Okay, that's just wrong. Perhaps another manip like the fish cat?

AAAHHHH hahahahahaha!!!! This is definitely my favourite!

I know it's done the circuit a hundred times but damn, its cute.

I think Joey should dress his little min pin in this. (that miniature pincher is Joey's right?)

Um, no comment. What did he come as? An asshole?


Is every 'bitch' in the States a cheerleader? Get it? I hope so! or I'm in a heap of trouble with all the cheerleaders out there

And since I'm home I'm going to go work on dacey's album cover challenge.
And work on a graphic or two for a Hallow'een!Sync I've written.


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