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Oct. 16th, 2003

Weatherpersons are saying that it's supposed to rain straight through until Sunday here in Vancouver.
Living in a Pacific North West Rain Forest is definitely not for the dry at heart.
There are old growth trees in Stanley Park that are hundreds of years old. No matter when I've been through Stanley Park - in the trees and not just around the seawall, the air is always humid and thick, and smells wonderful. There's moss dripping off gnarled limbs and blankets of ivy cover the forest floor. It's like stepping into another world in there. Surprised I haven't come across and elf or hobbit on my journeys. There is a hollowed out tree stump in the Park that is big enough to park a mini or a volkswagen beetle in.
And our resevoirs are getting plenty full which is a good thing.
Then there's the enchantment of Pacific Spirit Park on the UBC endowment lands. Forest at the ocean's edge. Heaven on earth.

I have a question ... totally unrelated to that bit of babbling ...

If I were to come visit any of you in your city, town, rural area, what popular 'tourist attractions' or 'well kept secrets of the locals' would you take me to?
Describe some of them to me.
Maybe include links to tourist sites.
Show me yours, I'll show you mine :o)


Oct. 16th, 2003 01:39 pm (UTC)
you've taken my breath away
where the water's deep enough to be blue and blue and darker blue, studded with tiny little islands that nobody goes to

Where we'd go and I'd take pictures of every inch of them.

shark-and-bake and ice-cold Carib


we'd take a ferry out to Tobago and go see the sea turtles

Is it right to be near tears at the thought of this? Turtles. Dude!

it's that shallow, and stare around at the deep, deep ocean all around us.

You've just killed me. I can't concentrate now. I want to be there sooooo much right now. screw Vegas, Maggie, lets take you home



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