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For scot_ty

I just stare and growl at these clips.

public enemy #1. yeah, he's scary alright.....

I was lost to this guy before this moment but this sealed it for me.

scruff. oh yeah, baby!

arms, point, look on his face. hot. hot. hot

I love, love love his little smirk. He knows he looks good, the little shit!

I lost an ovary when this pic hit LJ!!!!

I love, have always loved this guy's posture.

This is one of my favourite JC pics. I've used it for an icon. Such a happy pretty guy.

ovary alert!!

JC and Tony. *eee!*

do I have to say anything about this one.......?

and last but not least, his humble, adorable beginnings.

And that's it.
The day has arrived, I hope to see detailed "JC on The Wade Robson Project" reviews posted a.s.a.p., with caps if at all possible.

Now, what's this about JC hosting TeenNick? Would I be pushing my luck if I asked for footage of that too?
::bats eyelashes sweetly::


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