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Saturday morning of a three day week-end.
It's so quiet out side it's like I'm the only person alive.
*happy sigh*
It's cold in the apartment but snuggling in a big fleece hoodie and baggy sweats is adding to the happy.

To make the happy just about complete, I have to look at pictures of this guy.
So, to keep up with scot_ty and her JC on WRP count down, I post this 3-in-1 pic
(and cut for others because I have way more pics than there are days in the count down)

I loved his voice in this aquarium walk way and this hippy JC takes my breath away.

I love the look of concentration on his face in this pic. And I've always loved that t-shirt.

Sliver of pale flat stomach. *guah* Not to mention the scream grimace. Sex, did I say sex?

::sputter, stutter, points:: arms, torso, smile, even his hands look good in this picture.

I loved his 'bucket' period.

*sigh* that should do it for this morning.

Now off I should really go and clean up this place to make it an even happier place.


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