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I would like to finish what I started.

tallories I gasped when I saw the big version of this image. I love the lollies and droplets too.

topaz119 I love seeing this default icon on my friends list. It makes me feel better about so many things.

turps33 Turps is one of my newest friends. This pic of Chris' eye gets me in the ovaries baby! Need I say more? It was hard to pick just one!

valiumbitch I can't explain how out of my head with delight I get when this lovely little icon pops up on my friends list!!!! This faux Chasez diary journal is one of the best things that's happened to LJ IMHO!!! Absolutely love the whole dang thaing!!!

viasaintpaul Love long slim legs in jeans, *cough*Dwight Yoakam*cough*
vic_ramsey This just cracks my ass up.

village one word considering the current trend: apropriate.

wagirl98 This kid's gonna be a big star. He's got the right mix of innocence, scruff, angst and all the other ingredients that go into a teen heart throb. And the show's damned good too!

weredonut I love this earnest little face looking out at me from my friends list when she posts! I want to tempt her 'stompin' boots' one day, jus'cuz and get her vicious little duck to grrrrr at me too.

wgsarah This icon has always intrigued me. (probably cuz I'm too stupid to understand it's meaning) I stare at it when it's used.

and last but never least

without_me This icon can make me cry on any given day.
The feel to the shot kills me. *sniff* I love the 'Lance's big gay heart' icon too!

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