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GIP and Friends Icons.

poofusgirl *meep* Bassez!

kare I first met Kare under this icon. It's special.

raedoro This is one of my all time favourite icons. Top 10 baby. Top 10!!!

lucylooo This icon makes me laugh like a drunk monkey!

rosebee Couldn' t say it better myself!

rrrosa "Run, that's what we did." Oh, Reel *N Sync, how I love you!!!

saturn92103 This icon makes me so happy I could stare at it all day. So adorable!! JoeC!!!

scarlett_o One of my few non-sync icons that I really, really like. guah!

scooterkitten I have a soft spot in my heart for this icon. Scooter was one of the first people I friended and this was the icon that caught my eye. *snuggle*

scot_ty What can I say!? It's Wipeout/MMC JC. *heart swells* I love the look on his face. Copping a 'tude and doesn't have a clue of what his future will be. I heart Scotty's 'only artist' and 'I love JC' icons too!!!!

seeksasylum baby!Justin. *eeeee* cutest baby evah!

semijocund I love the font on this and the mood the whole thing captures. Beautiful.

shieen I cried the first time I saw this touching photo. This icon just kills me. I love it so much. Would make it into my top 10 for sure!

silvrsolace My babygirl had this as one of her first icons. I didn't have a clue who it was for the longest time. I actually thought it was sweet silvrsolace herself. ** gonna miss you sweetie!!**

skewedview One word...Beautiful!!!!

slave4chris I love this icon. It's been around a long time and I'm glad!!! I also love her 'Keith' icon.

smartlikejustin This icon nearly makes me wet my pants!!! Funniest thing EVER. In my top 10.

smoothlikebutta so sweet.

songbirds I think this was a default icon for a while. I like it very much.

soulglitter beautiful. Makes me want to be there.

nuregwen The Choey! Makes me so happy to look at this icon.

squickgrrl This icon has always intrigued me. It looks like it's from an exotic fairytale or something.

stargems This goes in my top 10 too!!

starsprinkles Such a happy and sparkly bunch of dorks. Fun!

stina826 I love the look on JC's face in this icon. I think I've mentioned it in a couple of other cases, that I'd steal this if I knew I could get away with it...just kidding JUST KIDDING I love this icon.

strandia I love Chris' bright pink shirt. It makes me laugh. Strandia's self portrait is beautiful too and I stare at it whenever she uses it. It's so dreamy and inviting.

bossymarmalade This one was hard! I love a lot of her icons. But didn't want to go with the obvious. Maggie will know why I like this one so much sugar pie, I just might have to borrow it for my graphics.... I really wanted to put Frank in here but I'm only allowing one per customer. Next round perhaps. That or the picture of a grilled cheese sandwich.

And last in this post but certainly not least;

sweetchacha JC is so cute!!! I love him!

There is a handful left that I will post tomorrow. I'm sad to see that I've gone through everybody already. It's so much fun to go and look at the stuff people have in their libraries.

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