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Friends Icons cont'd

jayw I think J was one of the first people I friended. I love this picture.

halowrites A couple of things: I want to see the original pic of this icon!!! (Halo, if you pop in here, help a girl out will you!) I love her 'it's me' icon. Love the TrickC she's got going on here. Her JC icons flip between taking my breath away, making me want to cry and making me covet them ALLLLL

jcjoeyfreak I love watching this icon. Makes me giggle like a fool.

jrt_is_fired I love pictures of the boys 'being real', hamming it up for the camera, being the lovable dorks we know they all can be [we've all seen "The Reel *N Sync", right?] This was actually a hard one to narrow down to only one icon. I like just about all of jrtisfired's icons.

jupiterrings Meet my mechanic. Makes me smile. Love Justin in this picture. Also, the default icon is beautiful too!

kelly The default icon is such a hoot! But I love this converse one so much it beat out JackO.

kennedy I heart Giraffes too!!! have an old giraffe/JC icon I should put back up And Lance and happy and, and. YES!

kinky_sdb I didn't go through my 'community' icons but this one was the deciding factor for joining the community.

gigantic I have a weakness for Calvin!

kittiec Gotta love Chip skylark and his shiny teeth. I love the '?!" (huh) icon too.

kittykatz I adore these pictures of Christina. Such pale ivory beauty.

krabbypatty This is another non-sync icon I love. She's beautiful and my little soul sister!

lalabebe I always stare at this icon when it pops up on my friends list. Fascinates me.

ms_nerd If I were only allowed to pick my top 10 icons, this would be one of them!!! I love their happy laughing faces.
and I love that LN turned the pic around and cropped it in so tight. Perfect. Love it. Love it. Love it..

leelee1731 I had to go with this one just cuz it would totally be the message JC is sending out. I wanted to pick the puppy and kitten one, but, sorry, I wanted to pimp the bugger off instead!

lilbitoffaith I just grabbed the default cause she's got a great collection of Lance icons going on in there and I was hard pressed to pick a favourite!

liquidglitter Love the cropping on this icon.

paperdollkisses Ooo la la, I would love to nibble on his croissant. Oh! DId I say that out loud?!!

liz_w This lovely lady doesn't know me from a hole in the ground, but I love her for posting the most amazing pictures.
I made an icon for myself that is practically identical to this one (I dabble in photography and found it appropo) but don't use it cuz, like, it's just perfect for her. (mind you, she'll never see my journal, who would mind? anyone? hmmm) I really love her JC'Peace' icon too. hmmmmm, where did I save that camera icon anyway....?

lovecat10036 Whooo! is it hot in here or is the heat coming off this icon. I'm not sure if I would want to be on the receiving end of that look, or maybe I would...

lovelylady23 Pretty pretty Christina. I love that this little lady.

luvscratches LOL God ::slaps knee:: I don't see this icon nearly enough!!!

missizzard This one bumped out her Chris default icon, because, yes.

missoutcast Man, it was really hard choosing only one. ugh!! I love the Joey and the Lance tat!! And baby Chris!!!

northerveil Love the cropping on this icon. It only beat out the 'northerRaven' icon by one of JC's pretty curly hairs.

opheliam This look turns me to putty. The 'spazz' icon comes in a close second!

And last but not lease in this round, my crazy Aussie..

ort My buddy down under has this amazing icon in her rotation that makes my mouth go dry. I love this picture of Justin.

I'm going to go prepare my potato salad now. Might continue later. This is so much fun, I should have started sooner.

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