Chootoy (chootoy) wrote,

I finally signed up for a full year

1. Wow! I can't remember when the Canadian Dollar was this high.
Just treated myself to a Dreamwidth premium paid account and I expected the total to be at least $10 more in Canuck Cash. The total doesn't seem possible. Is our dollar really still that strong? I'm used to adding $$$ for the exchange rate. Wooot!
Cross border shopping anyone? :o)
2. Speaking of shopping is there something I can take to keep me from buying asinine cat toys/cribs/climbers/cubbies?!? I'm starting a serious collection of gizmos and gadgets that the cats COMPLETELY ignore. *sigh* When will I learn. At least today's treasure only cost $10.00 and change. Thank GAWD I'm not the kind of cat owner who feels compelled to dress her 'kids'. I'm NOT criticizing those who do - I just don't want to start doing that TOO I *squee* and *meep* at all and any cat-in-clothes pictures but I can't do it. I.just.can't. Now there was this nifty "Never-Scoop-Again" litter box I've heard about......
3. And speaking of more shopping, I have one more thing to buy on line and my spending spree is done for the day.
4. Crabtree and Brackenreid were hilarious last night. Good story line too. <3
Hey! Premium Paid account means more icons, right?!? That'll keep me busy. *wheeeeee*

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