Chootoy (chootoy) wrote,

So, the lovely [profile] bossymaramalade and [personal profile] glockgal returned from their whirlwind trip to New Yawk City lugging with them a bagful of authentic New York Bagels for me! These bagels are NOTHING like I imaged. Nothing! They are MASSIVE. GINORMOUS. Effing huge!!!
It took me most of last night and this morning to eat one. These suckers are big.
I have loudly proclaimed my love for authentic "Montreal" bagels to anyone here who'd listen to me but now I will have to add the NYC version to my repertoire. They are sooooo good!
I won't admit to what I had on it - to keep the inventor of the bagel from turning in his grave - but let's just say that they are delicious and I can not thank my best friends enough for thinking of me while trying to cram as much as they could into their visit. *muah* Thank you lads!

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