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Feels like a week packed into two days

The last of the posse has left. ::waves at arami ->remember to post that you've made it home safe and sound.
The week-end was chalk full of fun stuff and great laughs. Especially stand up comics with lisps from Nova Scotia.
I think I need a day off to recover. LOL.
Got to meet a new LJer this week-end. Leggy. leggie's
gremmie_goo you've got friends with very similar names, who'd I meet on Saturday?
::waves at "B":: Say hi to her for me.
Good luck Gremmie on the job front! Let us know when we get to go out and celebrate your new job news.
strandia, hon, thanks for taking off some time and coming all the way out here after your lecture to hang with us.
I think ms_nerd and her very cute hubbie are going to survive 'the thing in the closet'.
glockgal good luck with the rest of the week.
Am having dinner with silvrsolace tomorrow night before she leaves for Africa for 6 months.
I'll be seeing bossymarmalade one night this week as well.

Arami, honey, how was the border crossing? Were they amused at all the hockey stuff you had?

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