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Woke to the startling news of John 'Jack Tripper' Ritter's sudden passing. And the not quite surprising new of the passing of country legend, Johnny Cash.

I saw a Cyrill O'Reilly look-alike roaming down Granville Street this morning, hugging himself and mumbling.
I was stared at by a Chris Farley look-alike on the Skytrain this morning.
Oh, and gee, thanks, got to watch a freaktard wander into a recessed store entrance, urinate for nearly 3 minutes then watch the poolling fluid spread across the sidewalk. (I pity the store owner when they arrive to see that on their doorstep.)

But it's Friday, arami's coming up for a visit and the Vancouver Posse's hitting the town. wOOt!
keep your eyes open for urine trails on downtown sidewalks.

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