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I'm going to kill her or give her away...

Cat woke me at 2:45 a.m.
I"m still up *glares at time* and the little shit's gone back to bed.

However...I'm always taken aback by the deathly silence of my neighbourhood at this time of day?/night?
It's wonderful to sit and hear .... nothing... this world is so full of noise and stuff that these chunks of silence are, well, very cool indeed! still doesn't take away the fact that I'm ready to skin my cat

But I've been busy; I got to answer kare's poll that she was up at 4:00 a.m. creating.
(Honey, you can't sleep either? )
And went and voted for halowrites's sister's photograph in a photo contest. (good luck Sonya!)
(bookmarked the site for future surfing - thanks halo)

Now I guess I should try and get a couple of hours of sleep seeing that I get up at 5:45 for work. :o(
Okay, any squalling and screaming like a banshee you hear might be a cat or might not be, I"ll never tell, I'm just sayin ......Here kitty, kitty, kitty........

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