Chootoy (chootoy) wrote,

I'm Canadian, it's on ice, I have to watch it.

Canada celebrated Thanksgiving Day today.

I on the other hand just about split a gut while surfing tv earlier in search of non-sports programming.
For real - the local cable station ran video today of a roasted turkey'n'fixins sitting in front of a crackling fireplace (a-la yule log video). Seriously!

I felt sad thinking about the people that might be enjoying it.

As for the non-sports programming, well, I got to see Don (how-do-you-like-my-fashion-sense) Cherry judge on "Battle of the Blades". Man!!! A couple of those (ex?) players are HUGE!!! The teeny tiny little girl skaters look like dolls next to these giants. Oh, and Ron Duguay is kindalotof cute.

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