Chootoy (chootoy) wrote,

Talk about getting it wrong

On a recent forum post, we asked readers to offer their favorite mixed metaphors.
Well, the mixed metaphors starting raining in like the cat’s pajamas.

Barking up a dead horse
Unless we tighten our belts, we'll sink like a stone
It's not rocket surgery
It's like shooting ducks in a barrel
Yeah, but he's no rocket genius
Not the smartest tool in the shed
We need to nip this in the butt
It's like going to a crucifixion and having to bring your own matches
I'd love to be a fly on a hamburger in that meeting
Oh well, every thorn has its bush
Like a bull in a China cabinet
You can't see the forest if you're barking up the wrong tree
We don't want to screw ourselves in the foot
The ball is squarely on our shoulders
It's not our cross to grind
raining on your thunder
It's as clear as a bird
the whole nine balls of wax
We could stand here and talk until the cows turn blue.
It’s as easy as falling off a piece of cake
He was watching me like I was a hawk
You can’t change the spots on an old dog
People are dying like hotcakes
I wouldn’t be caught dead there with a ten-foot pole
The fan is gonna hit the roof
I have a lot of black sheep in my closet
You can’t go in there cold turkey with egg on your face
We have to get all our ducks on the same page
He’s burning the midnight oil from both ends

I'm going to pretend "Vampire Diaries" was never conceived.

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