Chootoy (chootoy) wrote,

So the latest episode of Murdoch Mysteries has me thinking...
I don't like the 'widow'Enid Jones and her little Alwyn.
The latest episode gives me hope. I think she's not what she seems. I find her a little creepy.
I suspect her of ulterior motives. I think she and her 'dearly departed husband' (of two years) were scam artists/confidence tricksters and she's looking for that gold.
I'm just hoping saying.
And while I'm at it, I love how William and Julia are at logger heads about what they want/they believe/they expect from life so hopefully Julia will think about the 'fight for what you want' comment from that widow Enid and get back to courting the detective. They have to work out this issue. But who am I kidding the tension is delicious isn't it? Just don't let that widow Enid get too comfortable!!! That's all I'm saying. Thanks for listening.
behind the cut so as not to spoil.

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