Chootoy (chootoy) wrote,

Questions to ponder and maybe even answer?

The world will end August 17th, 2009 - where would you like to be on that day?

What would the sound track (or mixed tape) of your favourite novel sound like?

"Murdoch Mysteries" is on tonight. *twirls*

Follow up:
Alas, the image (that my some of my LJ friends voted on) did poorly at the competition on the weekend. :o( There are two more competitions I have images in (one digital, one B&W print) so I hope to do a little better. ::crosses fingers::

*sigh of relief* Mailed off tax forms this morning. We'll see just how bad my math is in a few weeks. :o) (just as long as I don't owe. pleeeeeeeeeeease!)

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