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They were all sitting around and, horsing around, like they just always did. Well, some of them brought it down a notch when Britney ever sat wiggling in Justin�s lap, Chris more than the rest.

Justin and Joey suspected that he was madly in love with her and was avoiding any contact to avoid the frustration. JC and Lance were of the school that he hated her guts and only tolerated her presence to keep Timberlake happy. Everybody tried to keep the kid happy. His size and strength when in a rage could be daunting even to his closest friends.

Chris held himself apart from them, if she was there, even after everyone was happily drunk and laughing even at Justin�s lamest jokes.

Everybody was crowded around the two sandwiched tables. An army of empty beer bottles crowded their surfaces. Joey was up on the dance floor writhing around in delight with half a dozen girls. He�d been unable to persuade Chris from his corner so he was out there alone, lapping up all the attention.

Justin sat back in his chair, one arm stretched out over the back of Joey�s empty chair, a longneck dangling absently from his fingers. His other hand sat comfortably between Britney�s thighs, wedged there, knuckle deep. Tight lipped, Chris stole glances at the thumb that stroked every so often across the fabric of her slacks, the tip teasing the seam at her crotch. Lance sat slouched, half turned out from the table so he could swivel back and forth from watching Joey�s antics to leaning back into the table�s conversation when he heard any of it.

Chris was watching his boys closely tonight. Lance was his ever sweet, low-keyed self, Joey was being the goof he always managed to be in public despite how tired he might be, Justin, well, Justin was being his usual cocky superstar self that pissed Chris off to no end some times.

And JC.

JC looked like he wanted to eat, taste or take a bite out of Britney. He was a pretty intense guy at the best of times--or at least it felt that way when he focused on you. He�d lock on and rivet you with his gaze. Like his very existence hung on your every word. When he was like that he could make you feel like you were spewing Pulitzer Prize winning prose out your ass or solving world hunger. Then of course there were also the times that he was as vacant as an empty billboard, but that was JC.

Tonight this JC had had a few too many maybe, Chris wasn�t sure. This JC was practically all but gobbling Britney up. Justin was noticing it too. Oh-oh, he thought, why could a cheap pair of store bought tits cause two of the closest people to explode into violence?

�JC! What�s up?� yelled Chris over the music. The dreamy eyes fluttered over to him briefly then right back to her goddamned mouth. JC�s eyes crinkled as he smiled in fascination.

�What the hell!?�

Chris watched it like it was in slow motion.

Justin�s face grew angular and hard, jaw jutting forward, muscles tensing. Lance�s smile froze on his face as he glanced over his shoulder at the rest of them. JC�s hand moved slowly towards Britney�s mouth as she giggled and yapped on incessantly and obliviously. And then he did it�

Chris gasped, his eyes flew open, he couldn�t believe it. Lance�s jaw dropped and if possible, his eyes got bigger. Justin slammed his beer bottle down. Britney gooked- and froze, a crooked little smile trapped on her mouth.

JC had inserted his index finger into her mouth and was grinning like an idiot. �When�d you get that?!� he asked excitedly, feeling around inside her slippery mouth oblivious to anything else. It was a typical JC �total focus� moment.


Justin�s reaction to his band mate sticking his finger in his girlfriend�s mouth where only his body parts were allowed to go was explosive and chain reactive. He shot to his feet which sent Britney tumbling to the floor which caused her to bite down on JC�s exploring digit. Who accidentally back handed Lance in the nose when he yanked the wounded thing out. JC was so busy apologizing to Lance that he didn�t see the well aimed punch. He now sat cupping a bloodied nose while staring at his throbbing finger. Eyes blinked back pain.

Not one to sit back and let the fun go by, Chris was up in a spring and popping Justin in the mouth just cause he�d been pissing him off all night and well because he was fucking Timberlake.

Nobody helped Britney to her feet.

Joey saw the commotion and wormed his way through the throngs. Chris sat sucking a nicked knuckle, Justin was tonguing darkly at a bloody lip, Lance sat pressing soggy cocktail napkins against JC�s drippy nostrils and JC stared at his finger. �WHAT THE HELL!!??�

Chris pointed at Justin, Justin pointed at JC, Lance shrugged and just shook his head. Britney giggled.

Joey grabbed JC�s arm and steered him into the men�s room and helped wash away the smeared blood. �What the hell?� he tried again.

�I don�t know what I did.� JC winced as Joey pinched the bridge of his nose.

�S�alright, we�ve all been drinking.�

�Guess so.�

They were drying their hands when Chris banged his way into the john and planted himself in front of the urinal. �You okay?� asked Joey.

�I punched the infant in the mouth, didn�t I. I�m GREAT!!� he howled the last bit, sending it echoing over the tile surfaces.

Joey just shook his head. �I can�t take you guys anywhere.�

Chris zipped up, adjusted and headed out and stopped in the doorway. �JC, what the fuck were you thinking?� he asked, shaking his head.

�She has a-� the door was yanked out of Chris�s hand and Justin stormed in.

�You�re all in here talking about me aren�t you!�

�Yeah, we�re deciding where to hide the body,� grinned Chris and he went back to the table, hoping that Britney had giggled herself out the door.

�Fuck you, Kirkpatrick!�

�Okay, what the hell is all this about?�

Justin pointed an accusing finger at JC. �He stuck his finger in Britney�s mouth,� he whined, suddenly hoping that it didn�t sound just as stupid as it really did.

Joey gave him a cocked dead pan stare before sliding it over to JC who was half listening, half examining the little dents in his finger from Britney�s million dollar teeth. �You WHAT?�

JC put his finger away. �She got her tongue pierced.�

The two of them gawked at him. He shrugged.

�She did?� Justin was beginning to feel a little stupid but still angry too. Why didn�t she tell him? Why did she let JC find it first? The petulant child clung to that bit of injustice. This kind of shit was always happening to him. �Sorry, man,� mumbled Justin finally.

JC shrugged, wrinkled his nose, liking the dull ache it produced, �S�okay, Jup.�

�Okay. Can we get back to the fun?� sighed Joey.

�Chris is still pissed.�

�Why�d he punch you anyway?� Joey asked as the three headed out. The other two shrugged. Why did Chris do half the things he did?

�Cause I hit JC?�

�What does th- oh, never mind.� Muttered Joey, shaking his head.

Justin got to the table and took Britney by the hand and led her away. Chris rolled his eyes when Justin glared at him. Joey and JC joined Chris and Lance and watched the dance floor for a way. JC kept looking at his finger.

Joey leaned against JC, mouth up close to his ear. �Y�know, my tongue�s pierced too.�

JC turned to look at Joey so quickly that they bumped noses. �Yeah?! Can I play with it?�

�Any time!� smiled Joey, flashing JC his tongue stud.


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