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Carrying what feels like 87lbs. of shit home from the store in this heat can make a normanlly happy person rather homicidal.
body? what body?
I did get a delightful albeit impromptu lesson in wines at the liquor store today.
'Stewart' the store's wine expert, gave me quite the lesson on reds and whites and I'm thrilled to know that based on what I had in my arms, he thought I knew what I was doing.
I've got a nice semillon-chardonnay chilling for later this evening.
And a mid-range chardonnay by 'Quail's Gate' that he said I shouldn't share but savour alone.

He also was practically giddy sharing the latest trend in white wine in like fifteen years: Viognier grapes...they're the new black!!!
I've got it chilling right now and can't wait to try it.

He's also given me the wonderful idea of having a wine tasting party.
A 'vertical' tasting or a 'horizontal' tasting. [get your minds out of those gutters]
He's even offered to help select the brands and types we sample.

If anyone's curious:
Vertical tasting is buying three or four bottles from the same vineyard that increase in price (quality too apparently).
Horizontal tasting is buying wine from three or four different wineries in the same price range to compare the differences.

Can't wait to try this out. (I may end up doing it alone, but I think I could convince a couple of people to join me.)
Let's see...Summer wine tasting should be for whites? Fall for rosés? Winter for reds? Spring for sparkling wines?
Hmmm, I'll have to track down Liquor Store Stewart and ask him.


and now to go hunting for CFTC pics'n'posts.

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