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I was riveted and grossed out all at the same time

There was a show on MuchMoreMusic last night about plastic surgery.
- apparently J.Lo's butt is the flavour of the month.

and they proceeded to show part of a butt augmentation procedure.

Then they showed this "Budweiser 'Spokes Person" getting fat-o-suction done on various areas - she was wide awake and chatting up a storm with the surgeon while he vacuumed out her thigh.

There was one woman who complained of there being a noticeable 'lump' in her crotchal area when she wore pants - You guessed it - they lypo'd out her thingamabobber.
I'm serious, y'can't make this kinda shit up!

Did you know that human fat is bright orangey-pink? I didn't need to know that either.

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