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I'm glad I decided to save the over 5GB of mp3s I had in my iTunes library a week or so ago.
I was tired of the 'software update' popping up asking me if I wanted to get the latest version of iTunes with all it's sparkly bells and whistles - you can see what's coming can't you...

I clicked the "okay, update my iTunes". Well. . .lucky me, it turns out the latest version of iTunes won't run without the latest version of QuickTime which won't run unless I purchase the latest mac OS version of Panther or Tiger or Leopard or Cheetah or Sabre toothed Siamese Cat or whatever the hell . . . so, no more tunes for me and basically, I'm fuckered!

*phew!* Found an older version that works on my G4! Thank you for the suggestions. And now back to importing mp3s from the exteral hard drive.


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Mar. 22nd, 2009 02:14 am (UTC)
You should try looking around for an older version of iTunes. I did the same thing on my old machine...forget the reason why right now LOL, but I was able to find older version of iTunes quite easily. You could try reinstalling an older version, or possibly uninstalling and the re-installing the old version, if you prefer to run iTunes that is. This sounded much more sensible in my head LOL.
Mar. 22nd, 2009 04:05 am (UTC)
Yeah, I've been surfing all afternoon but everything I find doesn't work.
if you prefer to run iTunes that is
What else do you suggest I use? Any suggestions are welcome.
Mar. 22nd, 2009 04:17 am (UTC)
I wish I had suggestions for you. iTunes irritates me, but there is no other way I can put music on my iPod that I know of. Are you having trouble finding the program or getting it to work? If it doesn't work I'd suggest totally uninstalling and trying a fresh install. If you need help finding an older version let me know. I would be glad to look around for you.
Mar. 22nd, 2009 05:56 am (UTC)
\o/ Boy am I relieved! I gave it one more shot and found an old version that I could actually download!!!
I'm not going through all the mp3s backed up and am reloading them. ::sigh of relief::
Thank you so much for your suggestions. *muah!*
Mar. 22nd, 2009 02:13 pm (UTC)
That's so great! I'm glad you got it worked out!
Mar. 22nd, 2009 02:18 am (UTC)
*seconds that advice* When Firefox first came out with their new Mac version, I upgraded only to discover it crashed every time I tried o use it. Ended up griping on their support forum and was sent the old version to reload. So, perhaps if you look around or ask around, you can get the old version back.
Mar. 22nd, 2009 04:06 am (UTC)
I'll look for a forum. Thanks for the advice.
Mar. 22nd, 2009 02:24 am (UTC)
Thank you for the warning. They keep bugging me to update and my laptop is older and running an older OS, so I'm glad I didn't do it. I hope you can successfully install an older iTunes.

Sabertoothed Siamese Cat. Yes.
Mar. 22nd, 2009 04:12 am (UTC)
Oh man! I wish I'd ignored the update notices too! Don't update yours unless you're planning on going out and buying the latest OS.
Mar. 22nd, 2009 04:07 am (UTC)
Is there a way you can go back to the other version? OR write stupid Apple and tell them they suck and you want the older version back because you don't have the money to upgrade to siamese cat v. Idiots.
Mar. 22nd, 2009 06:03 am (UTC)
Dude, I spent the whole evening looking for an old version that would talk to my PowerBook G4. ::dances:: And I finally found an old, old version that my computer liked and it's working. (so far...) I'm in the process of bringing all the mp3s back in from my external hard drive. (It kinda works out good - I'm weeding out the stinkers I've normally been skipping)
So, I'm not going to have to go shopping for their Sabre Toothed Siamese Cat version. Thanks for the suggestions.
::pets Maui's muzzle::
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