Chootoy (chootoy) wrote,


I'm glad I decided to save the over 5GB of mp3s I had in my iTunes library a week or so ago.
I was tired of the 'software update' popping up asking me if I wanted to get the latest version of iTunes with all it's sparkly bells and whistles - you can see what's coming can't you...

I clicked the "okay, update my iTunes". Well. . .lucky me, it turns out the latest version of iTunes won't run without the latest version of QuickTime which won't run unless I purchase the latest mac OS version of Panther or Tiger or Leopard or Cheetah or Sabre toothed Siamese Cat or whatever the hell . . . so, no more tunes for me and basically, I'm fuckered!

*phew!* Found an older version that works on my G4! Thank you for the suggestions. And now back to importing mp3s from the exteral hard drive.

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