Chootoy (chootoy) wrote,

Randomness alert . . .

This is for the pet owners on my friendslist;

If your pet were a person what kind of person would they be?
What kind of job would they have? What would fill their days?
Would they be romantic, brave, shy, funny, optimistic.
Would they be an activist, a capitalist, a born again christian?

I think my orange boy would be in charge of his neighbourhood block watch and a armchair athlete.
He'd be nosy and a bud-in-sky.

My dark long-haired girl would be that crotchety old lady who yells at kids to "stay-off-my-lawn!"
She'd have a smoker's cough and hate everybody.

My fluffy grey/cream girl would be a frazzled diner waitress with a bad back-combed do and sensible shoes.
She'd be timid and bi-polar.

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