Chootoy (chootoy) wrote,

Friday morning randomness

This is the kind of nonsense that I wake up with in my head in the morning. Nonsense like this or inane one-hit-wonders that I hum for days after they get stuck in my head:
(why can't it be stuff like solutions to world hunger or new clean energy sources?)

Why do you suppose male stand-up comics are so much more successful than female stand-up comics?
to name a few

Tim Allen: stand-up . tv series . movies
Ray Romano: stand-up . tv series . (voicing for) movies
George Lopez: stand-up . tv series . movies?
Bernie Mac (R.I.P.): stand-up . tv series . movies
That King of Queens Guy: stand-up . tv series . movies
Rickey Gervais: stand-up(?) . (brilliant) tv series . movies
Eddie Izzard: stand-up . tv series(?) . movies
etc., etc.

Ellen: stand-up . tv series . movie(s) . talk show
Roseanne: stand-up . tv series . where is she now?
Tina Fey: ?stand-up? . tv series . tv series
French & Saunders: do they count? where are they now?
Rosie O'Donnell: stand up . tv series (does her talk show count?) . movies . stage . where is she now?
I don't even want to mention Joan Rivers who yes, was a stand-up comic centuries ago.

Who am I forgetting? See? Aren't you all glad that I shared the nonsense that is my brain?

Say, if I take a nap this afternoon *maybe* world peace will pop into my head.

. . . that or the Jell-o jingle.

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