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Bottom line. He looks tastey

I've not said much about the evolution of JC's hair during this agonizing hiatus, in fact I don't think I've ever jumped on the follicle bandwagon. Well. My coach class ticket arrived and I'm ready to climb onboard.

I keep looking at these adorable Vegas pictures and keep thinking to myself that JC was really influenced when he hopped across the pond to spend time in the UK.

His hair makes me think: they've gone and given him a '60's British Bob. (now I don't know if that's the official Hair Salon term for his new 'do') but it sure looks like a throw back to those wonderfully bad kitchy-campy '60's British comedy and/or spy movies.
I'm expecting him next to be wearing ankle length stove pipe trousers and shirts with those mutantly large collars. (and lots of '60's paisley!!) (the trousers could be crushed velvet too - to achieve that radical British 'underground' look)

Bottom line: he's smashing in anything he comes up with in my books.

Cheerio luv

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