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Apr. 8th, 2015

Happy Birthday melodysparks! Hope it was the best one yet! :)

Passing on the faith

Hello there friendslist - If you're ready to revolt against the machine....

Originally posted by spikesgirl58 at Passing on the faith
If anyone wants to change their new look back to old, this is how you do it. This comes from Cousin Injj.

If you don't see the balloon with the question mark, you can still click the spot and it will give you the option to change. (thank you, Snail_bones!)

I can't love Macklemore more right now!

This has probably been posted on LJ already since the ruling but I wanted to leave it here in my journal.


(LJ won't let me embed??)

a birthday milestone

Thank you to kare for the 'guilt-free' decadent box of candy
and to melodysparks for the equally 'guilt-free and delicious vanilla cup cake!
Thank you ladies, these made my day!!!
You probably have, but why not have a second look, eh? :o)



Random Post is Random

Every Supernatural fan has probably seen this, but thought I'd plunk it in here for the one other person besides me on the planet who hasn't.

Have to give credit to the bottomless well of cool, fun, neat and interesting things on "Pinterest"
So, I was browsing through one of my newest obsessions: pinterest when I came across this picture. I don't know if any or all of the 5-0 fans on my friends list have seen this, but I, well, I stared at it for a while. I'm not a fan of smoking but . . . I could make an exception for this guy! WOW! HOT!!!


*nsync medley

Don't use this icon much any more. Hello LJ ::waves:: I still read you every day.

krabbypatty posted this 'Pentatonix' video doing an *NSYNC medley.

kare - warmest birthday wishes to one of my oldest and dearest LJ friends.
always looking forward to the day we get to meet in the real world again . . .